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Property Management & Leasing Service 

Taking the hassle out of your investment

Are you a landlord with residential properties? If you decide to lease your property through us we will provide you with an excellent property management service. We are particularly interested in hearing from landlords with properties in the following areas:

  • East Staffordshire

  • South Derbyshire

  • Derbyshire

  • Lichfield

  • Tamworth  

If you are a landlord in any of these areas, we would love to work with you to create more suitable housing for people who are struggling.

For all other areas call Tauqeer on 01283 430192  or email

Taking the hassle out of your investment


We have worked with private landlords for 6 years and have developed and refined the service we offer based on our close working relationships. Our excellent property management service includes:

  • Guaranteed rent payments

  • Long-term leases of up to 3 years

  • No set-up fees or hidden costs

  • Free inventory

  • Damages other than general wear and tear are dealt with and repaired

  • Monthly property inspections

  • Intense housing management - we proactively tackle management issues and minimise problems for both neighbours and the property owner

  • Extensive experience of supporting tenants on benefits, including Housing Benefit

  • Competitively priced maintenance and repairs service available for property owners to use

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