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Intensive Housing Management

Empowering Service Users to Manage their Tenancies

Intensive Housing Management functions are intended to relate to the adequacy of the accommodation provided, and specifically the tenant's ability to live in it. These are services provided in addition to those provided as part of a care package, and something which is not a duplication of services provided elsewhere.

They do not comprise emotional, practical or physical support, and where they concern a vulnerable tenant, they are provided in order to make a genuine difference to their ability to live in the accommodation.


Services Provided by Prospect Housing


The services provided by Prospect Housing relate specifically to the accommodation and the tenant's ability to live in it, and include (but not exclusively);

  • Liaison with housing benefit and local government departments

  • Assistance and advice with:

    • Housing Benefit claims and welfare benefits

    • Insurance and utility bills,

    • Council tax exemptions and reductions

  • Signposting to local accommodation related services

  • 24/7 emergency maintenance provision

  • Advice on tenancy related mental capacity issues

  • Liaison with court appointed deputies, appointees and advocates

  • The provision and management of accommodation related eligible services

  • Mediation between volatile tenants

  • Management of anti-social behaviour

  • Provision of accessible materials to ensure that the tenant understands the agreement.

  • A range of other services which specifically relate to the accommodation being provided

These services are intended to ensure that Prospect Housing can correctly discharge its responsibilities as a landlord, with respect to the needs of the tenants, and ensure that the tenant is able to adhere to the terms of the tenancy and remain in the accommodation. A private landlord would not typically offer these services.

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