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Prospect Housing

Changing Lives  

Providing You with the Support You Need

We are a not for profit organisation that specialises in providing and managing housing for people who have support needs. We work alongside support providers and local councils to ensure that the adults that we accommodate are supported appropriately in accommodation that meets their needs Supported Living is a service for people who need additional support beyond the level of ordinary housing, but do not require the levels of care provided in residential care services.


The service that Prospect Housing Trust provides is based around ensuring that tenants are adequately supported to maintain their accommodation, supporting them to sustain a level of independence that they would not be afforded in hospital or residential care.

Supported Accommodation

The people who use our services come from a variety of backgrounds and all have their own story to tell. Many of them face multiple problems, including poverty, anxiety, depression, poor family relationships, inadequate education and lack of life skills.

At Prospect Housing Trust we work with each one of our service users to help them overcome their problems.

We are here to help people by

  • Preventing homelessness in the first place

  • Supporting people to move into their own homes

  • Inspire ambition and raising expectations

  • Improving skills and educational attainment leading to work.

  • Enhancing people's creative spirit.

  • Helping people to maintain independent living.


Intensive Housing Management

Intensive Housing Management functions are intended to relate to the adequacy of the accommodation provided, and specifically the tenants ability to live in it.

These are services provided in addition to those provided as part of a care package, and something which is not a duplication of services provided elsewhere.

The services provided relate specifically to the accommodation and the tenant's ability to live in it and include:

  • Liaison with housing benefit and local government departments

  • Advice on tenancy related mental capacity issues

  • Assistance and advice with Housing Benefit claims and welfare benefits

  • Liaison with court appointed deputies, appointees and advocates.

  • The provision and management of accommodation related eligible services such as gardening, cleaning and window cleaning See more >>

Changing Lives Begins With You
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